About Us

Andrew (Drew) Barlow


If you ask me to my face, the answer you’re most likely to get is: “I’m Batman.” Well, the truth is, I am not Batman (at least not as far as you know), but I do like to DRAW Batman. And many other super-heroes. And fantasy characters. Like chicks in chainmail, with swords. And chicks out of chainmail, for that matter. And monsters. Okay, really, I just like to draw.

About Dark-Platypus

We like to game, for longer that we can remember role-playing games have been a part of our lives. We started with D&D, but "grew" into I also like card games, board games, strategy games, war-games, and computer games.

One of the best parts of gaming is the social interaction…just getting together and hanging out with friends. One of the other best parts of gaming is the TOYS. All the little plastic and metal miniatures, playing pieces, game cards with color artwork on them…it is all just so cool. That is a big part of what this company is about… our desire to make cool toys that gamers can use while they play games.

Drew's wife, Erica is a long-time gamer too. For their wedding cake, Drew made up these custom D&D cake-toppers.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one," Albert Einstein.

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