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Commissions Moldmaking Spincasting 

You need stuff done? We do stuff!  Here are the types of things we are able to do for you

Artwork Commissions

Jenny Commission
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Jenny, adventuring cheerleader. Custom artwork by commission.

Need some artwork done for your game, book or project? Maybe just something for your wall or private collection? I have been a professional artist for most of the past decade and in that time, I’ve produced hundreds of custom pieces, including all the artwork you’ve seen elsewhere on this site.

I have the experience and ability to create pretty much anything you need. Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, or Superhero.  I can work in a variety of sizes and media to suit your needs.


Sculpting – Traditional or 3D sculpting – Figure Mastering

Jasryn Storm
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Jasryn Storm, sculpted, cast in pewter and painted by commission

I can bring your concept to life in 3D, using either traditional miniature sculpting media (green stuff, ProCreate, etc.), or high-end computer modeling (ZBrush) and 3d printing. I can help bring your favorite character to life, sculpt the perfect monster for your campaign, or even create esoteric pieces of jewelry or whatever weird thing your imagination demands! [/bootstrap_tab]

Custom Moldmaking

Custom Moldmaking
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Production Mold of some mutant monsters, created by commission

Once you have a finished green (a sculpted miniature) or 3D print, I can use high-quality synthetic low-temperature silicone rubber to create vulcanized spincasting molds.This technique captures perfect detail, while minimizing distortion and shrinkage. From these molds, I can generate high-quality pewter master castings, suitable for use on the gaming table as is (for smaller quantities) or in making production molds.

Speaking of production molds, I make those too! These high-quality silicone rubber molds are designed to run in a 9” spincaster (like the one I have) and will last for hundreds of pulls, enabling the generation of thousands of parts.


Pewter Spincasting

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A crap-pile of pewter castings, from my Tentacles & Eyeballs Kickstarter project

Being in the miniatures business doesn’t necessarily mean doing all your own grunt work: I can do the casting for you! I have reasonable rates, no minimum order size, and quick turnaround. I use only lead-free pewter (for everyone’s safety and piece of mind) and use industry-standard spincasting to get the highest quality of cast parts.

Current clients include:

If you’d like my help with any of these kinds of projects (or anything else you need done you feel may be up my alley),  just give me a shout and we can discuss rates and availability.