Free Downloads

Free Downloadable Floor Tiles

Bendy Dungeon Walls are designed for use with a standard 1″ grid battle map. If you don’t already have such a map, here is a convenient (and free) way to make a very cool map or two.

Simply download any of our pdf images by clicking on the buttonsbelow, and print off several copies of it. Trim off the white edges of the paper, and then use some clear tape to fully join the pages together. Make a sheet as big as you need. For added usability, take the whole thing down to the local copy store, and get it laminated!

Magnet Sampler

Here’s something cool you can do to enhance your game once you have a magnetically receptive gaming surface (like our new Magna-Map Combat Grid –hint hint hint!). Go down to your local craft or office supply store, and buy some sheets of inkjet-printable magnet paper. Then print this PDF image onto some of those sheets. Cut out the individual images using scissors or an x-acto knife, and viola! You now have tons of cool 2-d accessories that you can throw down on your map and they will stay where you put them! Make trees, pits, traps, even game mechanic devices like Marks, Bloodied markers, and number counters! Make your own images in the same fashion and the possibilities are endless!

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