Bendy Sci-Fi Walls


Raid enemy outposts. Explore the ruins of ancient advanced civilizations. Battle clone troopers aboard an Imperial Star Cruiser. With Bendy Sci-Fi Walls, you can do it all!

The only thing cooler than Bendy Dungeon Walls is Bendy Walls in more designs! But let’s face it: getting plastic made in China is expensive. That’s why we’ve decided to go back to basics –and to metal: we can make the cool game pieces we want in house, without all the big up front costs.

The Dungeon Life: Master Series presents brand new wall designs, beyond the basic dungeon wall. Add a little more 3D cool to your game with Sci-Fi Walls!

Build just the areas you need, as you need them. During Play! No need for hours of extra prep-time setting up the map, and the players don’t get to peek ahead. And when you’re done with an area, just pick it up to build the next encounter! The adventure never ends with Dark-Platypus Master Series Walls…It’s a Dungeon Life!

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In space, no one can hear you totally choke a saving throw!