CHARGE Life Counter


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CHARGE Life Counter

This awesome pewter Life Counter features an image of a powerful magical energy Charge.

The Dark-Platypus pewter Life Counter blends attactive full-color art and functionality to make a fantastic gaming aid.

Keep track of 2 scores at once

Two rotating metal dials can track two scores from 0 to 30, or one score to to 60, or use one dial as 10’s and one as 1’s to count to 330!

Sturdy metal design machine-cast in Lead-Free Pewter

Extremely durable! Take anywhere!

Featuring Full-Color Artwork

Rendered by fantasy Illustrator Andrew K. Barlow

Actual Size 2-1/8″ tall

See the picture of it over there sitting on some Magic cards? Fits easily in pockets, dice bags, card-boxes, etc.

Great for Magic or other CCGs

Or any game that requires counting!



Life Counter, Large Token and Gaming Tokens shown with cards to indicate size (A random assortment because I am too lazy to take a new picture for each item, but you get the idea)

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