Magna-Map Magnetic Battle Map


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It’s Flexible! It’s Portable! It’s Big!

The Magna-Map Combat Grid 2  gives you a very large gaming area to play with at 24″ x 36″ (8″ longer that the original). It’s not a hassle to carry though, because it rolls right up into a tube, so you can take it with you wherever you game!

It’s Magnetically Receptive!

The truly exciting innovation about the Magna-Map Combat Grid is that it is magnetically receptive. That means it is not a magnet itself (although it looks like it on the back), but all magnets will stick to it, regardless of polarity.

This means that it is an ideal playing surface for magnetically-adapted Bendy Dungeon Walls! The walls still go down fast and easy, and still bend at the hinges to create your dungeon layouts in seconds. On the Magna-Map though, they now will stay where you put them with impressive tenacity! Issues of table bumps and clumsy gamers are virtually eliminated!

It works great with flat magnets too! You can get some inkjet magnet paper from your local craft store and make removable terrain features right from your inkjet printer! And you can use magnets to mark game effects or hundreds of other cool ideas! Once you add the capability of magnetics to your game table, all sorts of options open up for the innovative gamer!



The Magna-Map 2 features a standard 1″ playing grid, in an eye-pleasing organic ‘Dungeon Tile’ pattern, now with an improved ‘textured’ appearance

It’s got a Wipe-Off Surface!

The Magna-Map Combat Grid 2 features a poly-laminate coating designed specifically to work with wet- or dry-erase markers!

This feature is extremely useful for drawing in terrain features or a spell effect radius; anything you don’t have a magnet marker for and want to create on the fly, without slowing the game down. When you are finished, just wipe the map clean.

The pattern goes right up to the edge of the map, so multiple maps can be tiled together for a really huge playing area!


The Magna-Map 2 works great with all magnetic playing pieces, including the popular Alea Tools.


Out of stock


Temporarily Out of Stock

It’s a NEW Way to Game!

The original Magna-Map Combat Grid has sold out, and the new Magna-Map Combat Grid 2 is here to stay! It provides many of the features you’ve come to expect in a flexible battle map, and some awesome new features too! Features like a wipe-off surface, and most of —magnetic receptivity!


The roomy 24″x36″ playing surface provides lots of room to game


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