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These ‘Tiny’-sized model is great for tabletop role-playing games or wargames, and offer a unique vermin for players to face.

Spawn Rats are ordinary rats that have been infected by the Spawn Plague, a mutation-causing disease originating from some strange Far Realm.

Details: This set contains three tiny identical Spawn Rats, each cast as a single piece in lead-free pewter. Their little tentacles can be bent with tweezers (carefully!) to increase posing variety. Also included is 3 Tiny (1/2) black acrylic bases so that you can mount them individually, and 1 Medium (1″) base so that you can mount them as a Swarm if you like instead. For absolute highest quality, all metal parts are spin-cast. Painting and assembly required.

This listing is for an UNPAINTED and UNASSEMBLED gaming miniature model set. The Spawn Rats were created as part of the successful Tentacles & Eyeballs Kickstarter project, and are NOT available in stores –available exclusively online from Dark-Platypus Studio –that’s me!! Designed and sculpted by Andrew K. Barlow –that’s me too!!


This cartoon shows the size difference between the Spawn Rat (left) the Giant Spawn Rat (center) and the Dire Spawn Rat (right). The Giant and Dire Spawn Rats are not included with this auction, but are available separately.


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