SQUIRREL Life Counter & Token Combo Pack


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This cool Life Counter and Token set  features an image of a feral nut-hoarding Squirrel.

The Dark-Platypus Combo pack contains a full-sized Life Counter, 10 Gaming Tokens, and 4 Jumbo Tokens, all featuring the same full-color image and packaged in an attractive black felt carrying bag.

Keep Score and represent Token Creatures & Effects

The artwork can showcase your deck’s ‘theme’ or your favorite creature, while the life counter keeps track of both your score and your opponent’s. The tokens are of course perfect for representing all the token creatures you summon to overwhelm your adversary!

Fantastic Value

You get a great discount by purchasing all these items together…individually, they would cost $43!!

Sturdy metal design machine-cast in Lead-Free Pewter

Extremely durable! Take anywhere!

Featuring Full-Color Artwork

Rendered by fantasy Illustrator Andrew K. Barlow

Actual Sizes:

  • Gaming Tokens are 1″ diameter – Or about 25mm. The image area is 3/4″, or about 19mm. See the picture the tokens over there sitting on some Magic cards? The Gaming Tokens are the smallest ones… Fits easily in pockets, dice bags, card-boxes, etc.
  • Jumbo Token is 1-1/4″ diameter – Or about 31mm. The image area is 1″, or about 25mm. See the picture of the tokens sitting on some Magic cards? The Jumbo Token us the big one… but it still fits easily in pockets, dice bags, card-boxes, etc.
  • Life Counter is 2-1/8″ tall – Or about 56mm. See the picture of it over there sitting on some Magic cards? Fits easily in pockets, dice bags, card-boxes, etc.

Great for Magic or other CCGs

Or any game that requires tokens and counting! They even make a great substitute for minis for tabletop rpg’s (and the life counter makes a great hit point tracker or initiative tracker).



Life Counter, Jumbo Token and Gaming Tokens shown with cards to indicate size (A random assortment because I am too lazy to take a new picture for each item, but you get the idea)

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